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      Acpt 9L0-062考古題含蓋了當前最新的真實考題,並且全部附有正確答案,我們承諾對Acpt 9L0-062(Mac OS X v10.6 Troubleshooting Exam)考試原題完整覆蓋。如果您正在準備9L0-062考試,它將是最佳的學習助手,是您通過考試取得證照的捷徑。


Exam Number/Code: 9L0-062

Exam Name: Mac OS X v10.6 Troubleshooting Exam

Questions and Answers: 59Q&As


1.An application in Leopard has become unresponsive,and you wish to force the application to quit,Which Three of the following are ways to Force Quit an unresponsive application in Leopard? (Select Three)

A. Press Command-Control Eject

B. Press Command-Option-Escape

C. Choose Force Quit from the apple Menu

D. Control-click the application s icon in the Dock

E. Press and hold the power button for ten seconds

F. Press and hold mouse button for ten seconds

Answer: BCD

2.A customer complains that the image on her MacBook s display is too large and distorted. Which of the following would be the best suggestion to resolve this issue?

A. Open Display preferences and change the display resolution

B. Adjust brightness control to a more optimum setting

C. Restart the MacBook in Verbose Mode

D. Replace the display assembly

Answer: A

3.You can reinstall bundled printer drivers from the Leopard installation disc.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A

4.Leopard File Sharing allows files to be shared in folders other than the user s Public folder.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A

5.Which conditions must be met for you to be able to connect to a remote Back to My Mac

Enabled computer? (Select all that apply)

A. You have a Mac account

B. The remote computer must be awake

C. your computer has Back to my Mac enabled

D. Remote computer has Back to my Mac enabled

E. Your Time Machine Backup Disk must be connected

Answer: ABCD