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  認證名稱:Planning and Designing HP Enterprise Solutions


1.What are characteristics of HP Converged Infrastructure? (Select three.)

Answer: C, D, F
2.What are components of HP ProActive Defense strategy? (Select three.)
A.Trusted Infrastructure
B.Adaptive EDGE Architecture
C.Secure Mobility
D.Threat Management
E.Access Control
Answer: A, D, E
3.Which component can be migrated between nPars?
A.floating cell
B.base cell
D.interleaved memory
Answer: A
4.Your customer is asking which improvements the sx2000 chipset servers have compared to his sx1000 chipset servers. Which statements are correct? (Select two.)
A.Only the sx2000 chipset supports Itanium processors.
B.The sx2000 chipset supports more processor sockets than the sx1000.
C.The sx2000 chipset has higher memory access latency than the sx1000.
D.The sx2000 chipset provides a higher memory bandwidth than the sx1000.
E.The sx2000 chipset has better error detection and correction features than the sx1000.
Answer: D, E
5.When is it beneficial to use SAS drives instead of SATA drives?
A.when high disk capacity is required
B.when high reliability is required
C.when hot-swap capability is required
D.when the lowest cost per GB is required
Answer: B
6.Which statement is true about Virtual Connect technology?
A.It physically connects each server to its SANs using identical WWNs for each HBA.
B.It reduces the number of cables, but adds more management tasks for LAN administrators.
C.It provides a one-to-one connection between each server and the network.
D.It simplifies networks by reducing cables without adding switches to manage.
Answer: D
7.What are key features of the HP Modular Cooling System G2? (Select two.)
A.It can be ordered in multiple rack sizes. B.It can be split into two separate units.
C.It can be configured to cool two racks.
D.It supports up to a 35kW load in one rack.
E.It monitors internal temperatures of rack servers.
Answer: C, D
8.Which statement describes RAID 1+0?
A.It uses a distributed parity scheme.
B.It can guarantee protection against any two-disk failure.
C.It minimizes implementation costs.
D.It mirrors and stripes data between disks.
Answer: D
9.Your customer recently implemented an HP Integrity rx8640 server running HP-UX 11i v3. He
needs to deploy multiple operating systems on the same physical server with electrical isolation.
Which HP solution allows the customer to isolate multiple operating systems that are running on a single server?
A.HP-UX 11i Virtual partitions (vPars)
B.HP-UX Secure Resource Partitions (SRP)
C.HP nPartitions (nPars)
D.HP Integrity Virtual Machines (Integrity VM)
Answer: C
10.Which EVA product includes an embedded Command View console on the management module as an alternative to a dedicated management server for basic functionality?
Answer: B