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    IBM官方網站最新公佈的考試信息,000-223已經被000-104取代,該考試題庫包括了當前最新的全真000-104考試試題,全部附有正確答案。所以準備000-223的考生現在要轉戰000-104考試了,通過這項考試可以獲得的認證證書是Aix 6.1 Administrator 。

1. An administrator wants to restore the /etc/resolv.conf file from a mksysb backup onto server1.

After the mksysb is mounted in /mnt/backup/ from the local nim server, which command should be run to restore the file?

A.tar -xvf /mnt/backup/server1.mksysb ./etc/resolv.conf

B.restore -Tvf /mnt/backup/server1.mksysb ./etc/resolv.conf

C.listvgbackup -f /mnt/backup/server1.mksysb -r ./etc/resolv.conf

D.restorevgfiles -xrm /mnt/backup/server1.mksysb ./etc/resolv.confWArialTimes New RomanCourier


Answer: C

2. Which action enables an administrator to make a VIO Server automatically activate when the physical machine is powered on?

A.Ensure the /etc/auto_start file exists on the VIOS.

B.Ensure the 'cfgdev -a boot=yes' command has been executed.

C.Select the 'Automatically start when the managed system is powered on' option within the VIO Server LPAR profile.

D.Add the VIO Server to the 'Automatically start when the managed system is powered on' field on the Managed System properties.WArialTimes New RomanCourier NewZ

Answer: C

3. Which files can be used together to allow remote command execution on a server?

A./etc/.rhosts and $HOME/hosts.equiv

B./etc/hosts.equiv and $HOME/.rhosts

C./etc/rhosts.equiv and $HOST/.rhosts

D./etc/hosts.equiv and $HOME/.hosts.equivWArialTimes New RomanCourier NewZ

Answer: B

4. Which command identifies broken or missing filesets?

A.lppchk -v

B.oslevel -chk

C.bffstate -int

D.geninstall -lsstateWArialTimes New RomanCourier NewZ

Answer: A

5. The server host1 has been set up as a backup system with the following /etc/exports:

/backups –rw How can a second server regularly use this disk space?

A./usr/sbin/mkfs -s 8G -o nbpi=2048,frag=512 /dev/lv00 -b -l host1

B./usr/sbin/crnfsmnt -d /backups -l /backups host1 -R -X -v -S -b bg

C./usr/sbin/mknfsmnt -f /backups -d /backups -h host1 -a -S -t rw -w bg -g

D./usr/sbin/crfs -v nfs -g vg1 -A yes -p rw -m /backups -a logname=/dev/lv00WArialTimes New RomanCourier NewZ

Answer: C

6. A client has a temporary deployment of a new static application that needs to run for a short period of time and is not going to change.

How can this deployment be achieved with a minimum of effort and time?

A.Run a system WPAR and deploy the application.

B.Create a new LPAR and deploy the application.

C.Create an application WPAR to deploy the application.

D.Create an LPAR hosted by a VIO server and deploy the application. WArialCourier NewTimes New RomanZ